Gold Animal Pendants for Every Occasion

A beautiful and personal gift for a special day, our stunning range of gold animal pendants will suit all your requirements! For real nature-lovers we have delicate gold animal pendants featuring squirrels, owls, wild birds, and butterflies. For those who have a really special bond with their own animal, we have gold animal pendants with designs of cats, bunnies, ponies and paw-prints – the perfect way to symbolise the unique connection between you and your beloved pet! And for fans of the more exotic, we have a range of gold animal pendants embellished with images of dolphins and elephants. But the best part of all? All the gold animal pendants available through Namenecklace can be personalised with the name of the recipient, for a truly unique bespoke piece that can be treasured for years!

Our gold animal pendants are sold individually, so you can choose the chain you want to use to create your perfect gold animal necklace or gold animal bracelet. We offer a wide selection of high-quality and beautiful gold chains, which means you can tailor your combination of pendant, engraving, and chain, to fashion a truly unique and personal gold animal pendant.

Beautiful Accessories for Horse and Pony People

Mucking out stables and riding through muddy forests with your favourite equine friend can be glorious but messy, and won’t always leave you feeling like you look fantastic! A little touch of gold can make you feel elegant and luxurious, whether worn close to your skin while you work the stables, or when dressed to impress and a finishing touch – and what better way to add that touch of class than with personalised gold animal pendants that show everyone how much you love horses? Whether as a treat to yourself or a gift to a loved one, these beautiful gold animal pendants, featuring a wide range of horse and pony poses and silhouettes, will add sparkle to any day!

Simple and Stunning Silhouette Pendants

This stylish and simplistic range of gold animal pendants embellishes classically simple heart and squared pendant designs with cut-out silhouettes of paw-prints, teddy bears, bunny rabbits, butterflies, cats, ducklings, goldfish, birds, and adorable baby elephants. They are perfect gifts for children, who will be thrilled to receive gold animal pendants engraved with their own name! We offer designs featuring simple engraving, or alternatively, a repeated pattern engraving of the name.

Gold Animal Pendants for Nature-Lovers

The intricate design of these gold animal pendants will be sure to delight any true lover of the natural world; a beautiful and personal gift for an ecology-lover or supporter of the environment, the delicate flow of tree branches augmenting the homes of birds and squirrels frames these scenes to fascinate and delight. These round gold animal pendants can be engraved with a name around the edge.

Pretty Padlock Gold Animal Pendants

Lock in the love with our heart or circle padlock-shaped gold animal pendants! These subtle and chic designs feature tiny pretty silhouette cut-outs framed by radiant gold, and can be customised with your choice of name engraving. A timeless classic design, padlocks have long signified enduring love, and with the range of options for perfecting your own design, these special gold animal pendants make it clear where your heart is!
Pendants for Pets
It’s not just people who deserve to sparkle! As any animal-lover knows, pets deserve love and attention, and one way to show your pets just how special they are is by putting personalised gold animal pendants on their collars! The design and style will make them stand out, while ensuring that everyone who meets your pet sees how much you love them!

Have a browse through our extensive bespoke range of gold animal pendants to find the perfect pendants for the people and pets who matter to you most.