Gold animal necklace - Jewellery with a personal touch

Our gold animal necklaces are top quality, and created by professionals with lots of experience in the field. We make everything here in our studios, which is why we can charge such competitive prices. Gold is a wonderful choice for jewellery as it goes with so many other colours and complements so many different skin tones.

Do you love your pet - show how much with an gold animal necklace!

Why not show everyone how much you love your pet by wearing one of our stunning gold animal necklaces. Pick a pendant that features the animal of your choice, and personalise it by getting it engraved with your name for that extra special touch. Show your special bond through your jewellery. Our gold animal necklace also make a great gift for a friend or family member who is a fellow pet lover!

Fashion-forward gold animal necklaces

Our pendants feature an assortment of cut-out images of animals, from dogs to dolphins and from birds to butterflies! Each pendant is shaped as a heart or a circle- your choice! We also have silver animal necklaces if silver is your preference.

Get several names engraved on your gold animal necklace

We can engrave more than one name onto your gold animal necklace! Perhaps you would like the names of your children engraved, or perhaps your name along with the name of your pet? Or perhaps you would like to keep a sense of mystery and have just a set of initials engraved? The choice is yours. Just let us know and we will create the gold animal necklace of your dreams.

Your individual piece to show off

Are you fed up with seeing the same pieces of jewellery everywhere on the high street? We can create something that will be so individual to you it will make your friends green with envy! Your gold animal necklace, engraved with the names of your choice, will make such a welcome change to the sea of sameness that is out there right now.

Do you have a pet that has passed on?

Get one of our gold animal necklaces personalised in memory of a deceased pet and keep them forever close to your heart. This is a beautiful and poignant way of remembering a animal that was part of the family.

Gold animal necklaces are for all ages

From young to old, our jewellery makes a welcome gift! Our gold animal necklaces are perfect as birthday presents, or perhaps as a gift for Mother's Day, Christmas or just because you want to show someone how much you love them. What better way than with an individualised piece of gold jewellery, such as a gold animal necklace?
Choose us today for your gold animal necklace!
Each piece we make is unique to you - we don't start making it until you order it! We offer free shipping and fast delivery. Customer service is important to us, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you. We know you will love your special gold animal necklace, so shop with confidence!