Gold Animal Charms

Gold animal charms adorn many wrists, necks and even ankles. This is fun, minimalist, a-bit-at-a-time jewellery that shines and delights. Gold animal charms are popular amongst young people; animals as jewellery are irresistibly cute and appealing. Charm bracelets or necklaces can be built up over time, thus increasing the fun and spreading the expense, and each new addition is greatly admired and appreciated; gold animal charms make marvellous presents.

Gold animal jewellery

Since time immemorial shining malleable gold has been the perfect medium for creating beautiful jewellery and in the ancient world animals were often a design inspiration; gold animal jewellery has been around a long time. In ancient Egypt, gold animal jewellery featuring lions, falcons and cobras represented gods. Snakes, undoubtedly because of their wrap-around faculty, inspired bracelets, bangles and rings; also men wore bangles featuring animal motifs. Cleopatra had a crown topped by golden snakes.

Gold cat charms

Gold animal charms, are intriguing items of jewellery. Gold cat charms in particular are very popular at the moment. Just the silhouette of a cat is a beautiful line and cats' eyes are like gemstones; gold animal charms featuring these ingredients contain beauty and a touch of mystery.

Gold dog charms

After the ancient mysteries of cats we come to man's best friend. Dogs have been men's companions even longer than cats and usually they are important family members. Our gold animal charms reproducing the various types of dogs are varied according to breed of dog; the outline of each type of dog is finely worked and is instantly recognisable. Popular gold dog charms feature classic dog profiles or just a paw print; naturally the most sought-after gold animal charms are those that represent the family dog.

Animal charms

Apart from cats and dogs, gold animal charms come in the shapes of many other animals, for example pet birds or pet rabbits. Gold animal charms that take their outline from the prettiness of nature, such as butterflies or birds, make very delicate and attractive charms. Wild animals inspire both small and large pendant type charms; we propose a heart shaped engraved charm with a cut-out silhouette of an elephant or a dolphin or an engraved charm with the form of a bear's head. Gold animal charms featuring pairs of animals are very pretty, like a pair of squirrels in a tree or a couple of round-eyed owls sitting close together on a branch. The world of horses and horse-riding is a popular theme. The silhouette of a horse or a horseshoe as an outline or a cut-out, with names engraved, usually the horse's name and/or the owner's, makes a wonderful present for a horse-riding enthusiast. Horses are depicted jumping or running, or just the horse's head, or dressage with rider - we have a wide selection of horse themed gold animal charms.

Animal charms for bracelets

Gold animal charms for bracelets are usually collectables; the menagerie increases over the years as charms, usually presents, get added. Gold animal charms are standard sizes so that everything tones in nicely on the bracelet. Charm bracelets are appropriate jewellery for children; gold animal charms for bracelets also come in smaller sizes and are themed for the playful world of children. Children's gold animal charms for bracelets are mostly fluffy friendly animals like little ducks or rabbits.
Silver animal charms
Most of the gold animal charms in our vast selection are also available in silver. Some believe that silver animal charms are particularly indicated for children, although both precious metals look fine on a pretty little wrist. Silver is a grand noble metal but perhaps a little less showy, therefore a touch less eye-catching and snatch-worthy, than gold. In any case, silver and gold animal charms are jewellery for every age, from toddler to granny; it is fun wearing our favourite animals! Both silver and gold animal charms are beautiful objects, fun to collect and pleasing, not only to the eye but also to the ear: when you have enough of them close together they tinkle!