fingerprint ring steel

Fingerprint rings made of steel

Can there be an even more personal piece of jewellery than a ring with name engraving? Absolutely, and that is a fingerprint ring! With our steel rings it is not only possible to have a name engraved, but also a fingerprint. This makes the ring even more individual because the fingerprint of a person is unique.

Easy and safe to order at Names4ever

And the best thing is: having a ring made with a fingerprint is very easy at Names4ever! All you have to do is choose one of the three models of steel especially designed for this purpose. If you have made this decision for a ring, which is not so easy, you can send us your order with your enclosed fingerprint.

Here you can read how best to create your fingerprint.

How do I make a fingerprint?

Please also let us know if you have any other wishes besides the engraving of your fingerprint! We will be happy to help you make your engraved ring even more personal.

Receiving a draft of the fingerprint ring

We will then send you a draft by e-mail. Only if you are completely satisfied with your personal steel fingerprint ring, it will be fabricated by us. The fingerprint will later be engraved into the ring with a special technique and great care. And you will receive your new favourite piece of jewellery within a few days!

Do you prefer a fingerprint ring made of silver? No problem, here you can find our fingerprint rings of silver.