Engraved Silver Heart Necklace

Finding the best gifts for those special people in our lives can be a real nightmare. Names4Ever pride themselves on making high-quality, affordable jewellery: a classic, fail-safe gift for women, children, and even men! Everyone can appreciate personalisation, and an engraved silver heart necklace may well be the answer to all your shopping worries.

Making Your Necklace Unique

You may be asking yourself, who needs an engraved silver heart necklace? Will an engraved silver heart necklace really make that much of a difference to my life? The answer is yes. Precious metals convey precious messages; a personalised silver heart necklace will show the recipient how much you care, a constant reminder hung around their neck. The heart is a universal symbol for love, and a silver heart pendant engraved delicately with the name of your loved one will make a extraordinarily loving gift.

The name can either be repeated many times over the base of the engraved silver heart necklace like wall-paper, or carefully printed once at the bottom right-hand edge. You could also leave the engraved silver heart necklace classic and clean with just the name, or you could add a small design to the edge, and there are several of these borders to select from. A leafy flower design could adorn the left hand edge, or perhaps a stylish set of grooves could follow the entire perimeter round for a full border of the engraved silver heart necklace.

The background is not the end of the story though. An engraved silver heart necklace can be further personalised with a small cut-out shape, such as an animal or paw print. Indeed, personalisation lends itself to many different audiences, making an engraved silver heart necklace suitable for any kind of person. A child might appreciate a teddy-bear cut out, whilst a feline-crazy friend might like a personalised silver heart necklace with a little cat. For the fish and marine life lovers, there is the option of having a fish or dolphin, and bunny rabbits and birds are also available to add to your engraved silver heart necklace.

A Piece of Art

Variety is not the only impressive factor. You have to appreciate the artistry that goes into crafting a sterling silver love necklace engraved with a name. Measuring only a minuscule 17 x 17 millimetres, an engraved silver heart necklace is a fragile and beautiful piece of work. But, if an engraved silver heart necklace is not your cup of tea, perhaps we can tempt you with other similar items. Names4ever also sell engraved gold heart necklaces, and many other shiny items of interest!

A Company to be Confident in

If you are worried about the price of all this, you do not need to. The engraved silver heart necklace, inscribed with a name of no more than 12 characters, will be priced according to the most recent silver and gold prices, ensuring you get value for money. Names4Ever offer free shipping and super fast delivery, and run a website which is very easy to navigate. Payments are VeriSign Secured to put your mind at ease, to guarantee 100% safe ordering. Any issues or questions about purchasing an engraved silver heart necklace (or any other products!) are dealt with quickly and efficiently by their dedicated customer services department, the number for which can be found on the site. The line is open Monday to Thursday 9am-4pm, and 9am-2pm on Fridays, giving you plenty of time to get a hold of someone if you need to. Buying an engraved silver heart necklace will be a smooth process from placing it into your virtual shopping basket to arriving at your door.

Silver jewellery can be worn day or night, with leisure clothes or work wear, so there is no excuse for you or your loved ones not to show off an engraved silver heart necklace. Whether it's for a friend, a relative, or even yourself, do not forget to purchase a matching chain with it. Only then can your engraved silver heart necklace become the unforgettable accessory it was designed to be!