Custom Engraved Rings: Choose Between Silver and Steel

Engraved rings can be a style choice; a symbolic representation of love; a piece of jewellery to remember someone by; basically, anything you want them to be. In any case, you would want something that is unique to you or to someone you love, which is why you should get engraved rings, signifying so much more in a unique and memorable way.

Why it’s much more special to have engraved rings

Engraved rings can be so much more personal as a gift for someone you care about, or maybe even for yourself. Most rings can look pretty, but there’s nothing connecting them to the person wearing them. With engraved rings, you can place your name, or the name of someone you love, on one and the fact that it will be a unique ring engraving will give it extra meaning and significance.

Also, you want your ring to be unique, as it will be symbolic of something special and personal. It will mean that much more, then, if you choose a ring engraving that gives it meaning.

What engraved rings can represent for you

Engraved rings can represent love, friendship, as well as make an occasion special, such as an anniversary or the union of two people in marriage. That’s why you should make sure that your engraved rings will mean something. Engraved rings will ensure that the message you want to convey with your ring will be put across clearly. In other words, that you care about that special someone greatly.

There are so many reasons for wearing a ring, but the message of why you might be wearing a ring could get lost. Engraved rings will put that message out loud and clear. Also, everyone wants to be different, look different and be an individual. Engraved rings, with your own or someone's on them, will ensure that you have a ring that is unique, meaningful and symbolic with ring engraving. People will take notice when they see that you are wearing a personalised decorative piece.

The history of the ring through the ages

The wearing of a ring dates back 6000 years to Egyptian times, during the Old Kingdom. From then on, rings became more complex and were made from a range of materials. Through Grecian times to Roman times, the ring changed style and material to fit the times.

Interestingly, it was not until World War II that the custom of wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger took hold as a normal tradition in the western world. However, as far back as the 18th century, people realised that this finger had a special connection with the heart; it was thought that there was a vein that directly connected to the heart from the ring finger.

These days, the engraved ring has evolved as a decorative ornament, and people wear them on all fingers as a symbol of friendship, love or just simply as a fashion accessory. The shapes, styles, ring engraving and jewels that are set into them are more colourful eye-catching than ever before.

Engraved rings for a special occasion

There are many special occasions where engraved rings are exchanged or gifted. Engraved wedding rings are the classic example, as exchanging engraved rings at the altar is a tradition that signifies the start of a marriage and represents two peoples’ love for one another.

Of course, an engraved ring can have many meanings; you may have a special friend that you want to gift a ring to, as a present, that will solidify your relationship, or a partner that you’ve been with for a long time and you want something to commemorate a milestone, such as a wedding anniversary or the first time you met.

No matter what the occasion, engraved rings are the perfect symbol for love, friendship, happiness and life. If you want to look accessorise in a stylish way, yet, at the same time, wear a decorative ornament that means something, then our rings are perfect for you.