Engraved nameplates – rectangular

Engraved nameplates are timeless and everyone just loves them. Our collection also includes rectangular engraving plates. Nice to have for yourself, or to give to that sweetest girl in the world you are dating, or to your dearest boyfriend or girlfriend! And here’s a great thought – a nameplate for both of you with each other’s name on it! What an awesome idea, an arrow from Cupid. And how do you like our small rectangular and larger rectangular necklace nameplates, with many different figures and other options? Attach your engraved nameplate to a necklace of your own or order a necklace with the nameplate. Order your engraved nameplate today – from us, your online jewellery shop!

Large and small rectangular nameplates come with different figures

We have two different formats for you to choose from. The small rectangle is 17 x 17 mm, and the large one is 19 x 19 mm. Both the small and the large version are available with a plain surface, but also with an interesting edging or a row of flowers. We’ve got nameplates without figures, and nameplates with figures. The one showing two tiny feet or two tiny hands, for example, is truly adorable. The four-leaf clover stands for luck. There are also rectangular engraving plates with stars, with a heart and with two hearts. And of course we can engrave a name on all of them. We can do this once, but you can also decide to have your name engraved on the nameplate several times.

Silver engraving plate: who is it for, what name will you choose?

An engraved nameplate is a fantastic present, for yourself and/or for your sweetheart. A nameplate is also a perfect gift for the new mother of a son or daughter. In that case you might choose a heart with two tiny feet or two tiny hands, and we will engrave the new baby’s name on it. If you want to wish someone luck, then you go for the four-leaf clover. Our pieces of jewellery make perfect gifts! The gift of a lovely silver nameplate makes people happy. Everyone will be surprised and pleased when they open your personal and very special gift.

With or without a necklace

An engraving plate is a necklace nameplate; the pendant is meant to be worn on a necklace. You can put it on a necklace of your own, but to make the pendant complete, you can also order a matching necklace from us. We have lovely silver necklaces in several lengths: 38-42 cm, 45-50 cm and 80 cm.

Quality comparable to jewellery from the jeweller

Our name jewellery is made of very high grade sterling silver, the kind you will see at a jeweller’s. Buying your jewellery from us online is just like going to the jeweller! And that while you order the same top-quality jewellery as from a jeweller online, from your own living room.

Besides the engraved nameplates, we have plenty of other pendants and charms

You’ve come to the right place not only for engraved nameplates, but also for many other kinds of name jewellery. We have numerous pendants in many sizes to put on a necklace and a great many types of charms for your bracelets. One thing is certain: We have a pendant or charm that is right for everyone.
Rapid delivery and no shipping charges
Your order is sent from our studio within four days. Depending on the postal service, you will receive your order another 5-8 days later. We do not charge you any shipping costs!
Silver jewellery of superb quality at a low price
For a very low price, we supply fine quality jewellery, comparable to the quality you will find at a jeweller’s. Every single piece is beautifully finished and a joy to behold. So browse our site and order your silver nameplate today – from us, your specialist in name jewellery!