Design your own jewellery

Many people love to make their own jewellery design. At Names4ever you can design your own jewellery and we will produce it for you. We have many possibilities to realize your own jewellery design. For example we have the possibility to design your own handwritten pendant or to create your own fingerprint jewellery, where the fingerprint of your choice is used in the design. Because you are the jewellery designer the result will be more personal and unique than with any other possibilities! Now who doesn’t want that?

Design jewellery online

The advantage of designing your own jewellery at Names4ever is that you can manage the entire fulfillment online. The only thing you need to do is to download the step by step plan, which is available at each product, and print it on an A4 paper. Next you can create your own design by making a hand written text for example in the pendant or by using a fingerprint of your choice. After the design is made you will have to upload the step by step plan and finish the order. We will make sure that the design of your jewellery is used in the production.

The most personal gift

Whenever you design your own jewellery it is always more personal and original than anything else. This will be noticed by your surroundings and we are sure that you will receive some nice compliments about it. And when you choose to give it away as a personal gift, you will see that jewellery designed by your own will be appreciated much more than anything else. This is because all the effort you have put in the design of your own jewellery says something about you as a person. Therefore jewellery designed by yourself is something the keepsake for as long as possible. This is why we at Names4ever find nothing more special than designing your own jewellery.

Beginner as a jewellery designer? No problem

For us it is no problem if you aren’t such an experienced jewellery designer. For the most categories you can choose a basic design. This way you only have to fill in the design whenever you are creating your own jewellery. Handwriting a beautiful personal text or placing a fingerprint is something where you will always succeed. Because of this it is actually very easy to design your own jewellery at Names4ever.

Designing your own jewellery at a low cost

Normally the creation of your own jewellery is something that where the costs can add up higher than expected. But at Names4ever we have built our processes in a way that we can offer jewellery designed by yourself for a low price. The only thing important for you is that you cover all steps as mentioned in the step by step plan in a proper way. If done correctly, we can create your own jewellery very fast and because of that we can offer it for such a low price.

Delivery time of our design your own jewellery

After the order is finished, the design of your jewellery is taken into production mode instantly. Within 3 working days your order will be finished and placed in beautiful packaging. Next it is offered to the postal services and shipped to your address. Take into account that during the holidays the postal services can be delayed a bit. Normally the postal services delivers the packaging within 3 to 5 working days in the United Kingdom.