We believe that customer satisfaction is one of the most important things in our business. Therefore we try to do everything we can to satisfy our customers. But it is always possible that things are not going as planned. In those cases feel free to contact us and we try our very best to solve these matters the best we can.

We think of complaints as feedback and think this is very important. It is possible that you have a complaint about your product that you have purchased with us, but it could be a complaint about our services as well. In both cases, we would appreciate to hear this from you.

If you have a complaint, you can tell us by phone or by e-mail. Our contact details are on the bottom of this page. After you filed in a complaint, we try to do our best to solve this within a couple of days, but if this is not possible we strive to do this within the first 14 days at least.

After filing in a complaint, you won't get a confirmation. THe first response will therefore be a direct response by our customer service.

Opaal 310
3316 LE Dordrecht
Phone: +44(0)1223 790 526

Our customer service is available from:
Mo-Thu: 09.00 - 16.00 hour
Fr. : 09.00 - 14.00 hour.