CHINESE STAR SIGNS Trendy and contemporary, the zodiac pendants with Chinese signs. The pendants with Chinese zodiac signs are a special way of wearing your horoscope. Pendants and charms with the signs of the zodiac have been around for a long time. But wearing a pendant with your Chinese zodiac sign is definitely the latest trend. And we’ll be happy to engrave your name in the rectangular pendant with your Chinese zodiac sign. A special piece of jewellery for men and women!   If you don’t know your Chinese sign yet – then find out your Chinese zodiac sign here.

Chinese zodiac signs make great presents!

Looking for a nice and personal gift for someone very special? For example, your mum, your gran, boyfriend or girlfriend, your daughter or son? Then a personalized Chinese zodiac sign pendant is just the thing! The silver pendants are great for all ages. Or you can pamper yourself with a piece of silver jewellery from our online shop.

Chinese Star signs with or without a silver necklace

It’s so easy to attach the silver pendant with Chinese zodiac signs to your necklace. To make your gift complete, you can also order a matching silver necklace from us. Our lovely silver chains come in several lengths: 38-42 cm, 45-50 cm and 80 cm.

Pendants with astrological star signs and horoscope

We also offer pendants with signs and symbols of astrological signs. These pendants with signs from the zodiac are rectangular. And we engrave your name and date of birth especially for you. Another pendant with name and date of birth is the round zodiac pendant. The image on these pendants is a horoscope symbol. Simply attach your pendant to a necklace of your own, or also order a new one from us at the same time. Our lovely silver necklaces come in several lengths: 38-42 cm, 45-50 cm and 80 cm. And one thing is certain: a silver necklace makes your gift absolutely complete!
Have a look at our zodiac charms with astrological signs for your bracelet

So trendy, wearing your astrological zodiac sign on your bracelet. Order your charm with zodiac sign from our online jewellery shop. It’s so easy to fasten the zodiac charm to your bracelet thanks to the clever fishhook. The silver zodiac charms will fit different bracelets and are very easy to change. To make your charms complete, you can also order a matching bracelet from us. You can choose from a silver jasseron bracelet (length 19 cm), a pearl bracelet, a bracelet of semiprecious stones or a cat’s eye bracelet. Especially for children, we have a silver bracelet with a length of 16 cm in our collection. The Chinese zodiac signs from our online shop are of jeweller quality
All our jewellery, such as the pendants and charms with zodiac, Chinese of astrological signs and our other charms and pendants, is made of particularly high grade silver, the kind you also find at a jeweller’s. The jewellery you order from our online shop has the same quality as what you find at a jeweller’s. It’s so easy to order top quality Chinese zodiac   from your living room! Rapid delivery and no shipping charges for your Chinese zodiac signs
We need only four working days to finish your order and to make your personalised pendants with Chinese zodiac signs. Our studio will send your order within four working days. The exact date of delivery depends on the postal service. Usually delivery takes place within 5-8 working days after we have send your order.
Silver pendant with Chinese zodiac sign of superb quality at a low price
For a very low price, we supply fine quality jewellery, comparable to the quality you will find at a jeweller’s. All our jewellery is beautifully finished and is meant to be shown off! So browse around and order your silver zodiac pendant today – from us, your specialist in name jewellery! *Except for cash on delivery orders