Zilveren naambedel Zilveren naambedel bloem Zilveren naambedel hart Zilveren naambedel vrouw Naambedel voor sterren Geluksbedel met je naam Naambedel van onschatbare waarde! Zilveren naambedel man armband zilver jasseron naambedels bijpassende armbanden halfedelsteen

You can wear personalised name jewellery
every day with theses unique name charms.
The fishhook makes it so easy to hang a
charm on your own bracelet or necklace.
You can make your jewellery very special:
use the charms to personalise your own charm
bracelet or necklace. It’s super trendy, it is so cool
and you can wear them every day! Are you wearing black
jewellery today? Then put your name charms on your black
bracelet! If you decide to wear purple jewellery tomorrow,
just click your name charms on your purple chain! Everyone can
use name charms, you can never have too many and so they are simply
ideal to give as a gift. But they are also a fantastic way to pamper yourself.
Great for all ages. Welcome to the world of charms!

Some ideas
A name charm with a four-leaf clover is a clever gift idea to wish someone good luck, to say goodbye to a classmate or teacher or a colleague who is moving away. Instead of a name, we can put the number of your form or class on the charm, or the name of your company or department. And every mother finds it a welcome surprise to be given a name charm by her children. Grandmothers are proud to wear name charms with the names of their grandchildren. And your girlfriend will be happy with a name charm from you. Name charms are for everybody and for every occasion!

Symbols and texts
The name charms are round with a diameter of 14 mm. They have a shape cut out in the middle. The shapes are: - circle: a neutral symbol that is always appropriate - heart: show who you care for - star: for anyone who is a star or who knows a star - flower: for girls who love flowers or for a friend called Rose or Iris - four-leaf clover: put the name of the person who brings you luck on the charm, or wish someone you care about good luck - euro sign: for people who are money-happy, or if you wish someone lots of money - symbol of Venus: to show your feminine side or to show how much you value your girlfriend’s feminine side - symbol of Mars: show your masculine side or show how much you value your boyfriend’s masculine side With or without a bracelet
If you would rather not use the jewellery you already have, we can supply a special bracelet. It is a 19 cm trendy silver bracelet. The open links allow you to shorten the bracelet to fit. It is easy to attach the fishhooks on the name charms to the open links on the bracelet.
Quick delivery and no shipping costs
Your order is sent from our studio within four days. The exact date of delivery depends on the postal service. Usually delivery takes place within 5-8 working days after we have send your order. And when you order from us, you don’t pay any shipping costs!

Super quality at a low price
We make name jewellery of excellent quality at very low prices. All our jewellery is finished to perfection and it looks sensational! Browse around and order your best friend necklace today!