>10 of the same items
For larger orders, for 10 items or more, we can offer attractive discounts. Discounts are only given on orders for 10 or more of the same item. No discount applies to orders for fewer than 10 items. We cannot give a discount after an order has been placed.

Special requests
Because we make everything ourselves in our own studio, we can design and produce name jewellery in response to special requests. The possibilities are endless. Names4ever is happy to review your special requests for name jewellery as well as suggestions and ideas. To let us know, send an email to (link naar contact). We will consider your special request and let you know if we can carry it out and if there will be any additional costs for the design.

Promotional gifts
Are you looking for a handsome and personalised promotional gift? You will find one here! We make jewellery like pin brooches and pendants with company names and logos. Adapted to suit the occasion and exactly the way you want it. We enjoy hearing your ideas and will compare them to our possibilities to arrive at a special promotional gift.

Club pendants
Names4ever makes silver and gold sports or other pendants for groups and clubs, complete with the group’s logo. They make a great gift for members, ex-players, committee members, voluntary workers or people celebrating a long-term membership, and they contribute a lot to team spirit and to the team’s finances. Names4ever sponsors your club by giving a percentage of the price of each pendant sold! Read more about it! Would you like more information? Contact us at       Back