Unique and personal birthstone necklaces by Names4ever

No matter what purpose you need a gift for – the birthstone necklaces by Names4ever are always do very good as a gift. Do you want to surprise someone with an unique and personal gift? Or do you want to spoil yourself with a beautiful, personal gift? Want more information about our birthstone pendants made by the highest quality? Then quickly read further!

A birthstone necklace – why?

Birthstone necklaces are immense popular and it is easy to see why. As illustrated above, these jewelry are the perfect gift for maternity visit, birthdays or just allowing yourself a nice gift. Our birthstone jewelry can be worn on many different necklaces.

What kind of birthstone necklaces are there?

Are you looking for a birthstone necklace? Then Names4ever has three marvelous, original ideas for you. At Names4ever you just order one of the following variants:
  • The tree of life birthstone necklace
  • The birthstone in a heart pendant
  • The rectangled pendant with birthstone

The tree of life birthstone necklace
These round pendants, with a tree of life in it, is worn on a necklace. Each tree of life has the name provided by you engraved on it together with the birthstone of your choice. If you are buying this birthstone necklace for yourself, you will wear you loved ones always close to your heart!

The birthstone in a heart pendant

Heart pendants or little heart pendants are totally fashionable at the moment and draw the attention of a lot of people. We have the birthstone pendant in a lot of variants. You will discover that the pendant is always engraved with a name and is provided with the birthstone(s) of your choice. And we’ve got them all on stock!

The rectangled pendant with birthstone
Do you want something more unique? Then take a look at the rectangled pendants with birthstones in them. In these pendants it looks good if you engrave multiple names on it together with their birthstones. Be original and go for our spectacular rectangle birthstone necklaces! But of course have the birthstones for each month – from januari until december. So you don’t have to search your month’s birthstone: these all belong to our spectacular offering!

Different types of birthstones

The collection of Names4ever of course doesn’t stop with these three different types. The different pendants are as well available with a diverse selection of birthstones. Because of that you will always have a personalized birthstone necklace which matches your personal needs and preferences.
In our collection you will find f.e.:
  • Birthstone for January: Garnet
  • Birthstone for February: Amethyst
  • Birthstone for March: Aquamarine
  • Birthstone for April: Diamond
  • Birthstone for May: Emerald
  • Birthstone for June: Light amethyst
  • Birthstone for July: Ruby
  • Birthstone for August: Peridot
  • Birthstone for September: Sapphire
  • Birthstone for October: Rose
  • Birthstone for November: Yellow topaz
  • Birthstone for December: Blue topaz
Besides that we wan’t to make it easy for you. We have a large collection of different neclaces who match the birthstone pendant instantly. Besides that we have children necklaces as well!

I want a birthstone necklace – what now?

Are you interested in one of our products? Then order your personal birthstone necklace today at Names4ever, the specialist in producing personalized jewellery. Our pricing is really low and our quality is the best. Furthermore you can order everything from home safely online!
About Names4ever
Names4ever exists almost a decade now and it has several decades more of juwellery experience. We produce and deliver the necklace you want to have! Our birthstone necklaces are an example of our wide selection of products, which furthermore consists out of namenecklaces, family jewellery, engraved jewellery and many more. Take a look at our other products and order one if you like it. And don’t forget – Names4ever is the specialist for making unique jewellery as a birthstone pendant. We deliver for a relatively low pricing, but at the same price as the juwellery stores!