Baby Charms - A mother's birth gift

A baby – hurrah! The birth of a son or daughter is a unique and festive event that calls for a special gift. A baby name charm 4ever is a unique, personal and welcome gift for a new mommy! The symbols they show are so sweet: a cradle, tiny feet or hands, a baby’s head. We add to it the name of your choice so that you have a personalised and lasting memento of this special and precious event!

Baby charm with Name and birth date

Any mother of a new baby will think a baby charm is a fantastic gift. But why not surprise the baby’s granny, auntie, godmother, sister or a girlfriend with one too! Just imagine how proud the grandmother will be to wear a baby charm with her grandchild’s name!

A baby name charm and a baby pendant are lovely mementos of the birth of a child. Everyone will just adore them! They make ideal gifts, but are also perfect if you want to pamper yourself. And doesn’t a special event call for a special, personalised and lasting keepsake?

Charms and pendants on a chain or bracelet

Wear your baby pendant on a chain for the best effect. Necklaces can be ordered separately. Or wear the baby name charms on your own bracelet or necklace. They come with a fishhook, making it easy to personalise all your jewellery. Save your own personal charms and create your personal charm bracelet or charm necklace! You can never have too many name charms! They are super trendy, the coolest thing around, and you can wear them every day!

Other name charms

There is plenty of choice in name charms for other occasions too. Another great idea is to wear a name charm with the name of the baby's father together with the baby name charm, or a name charm with the name of the new baby’s brother or sister.

Order a special bracelet for your baby charms

You can order a special bracelet for the name charms, so you don’t have to wear them on jewellery you already have. We have two types of bracelets to match the name charms: - a trendy silver 19 cm jasseron bracelet. The open links make it easy to adjust the bracelet to fit. Use the fishhooks on the name charms to attach them to the links on the bracelet. - a bracelet available in a variety of colours, made of semi-precious stone or cat’s eye beads. It’s easy – just click the baby name charms on to the bracelet. Adapt the bracelet to your taste and your clothes. If you are wearing a blue outfit today, then put your name charms on your blue bracelet. Is the baby a girl? Wear your pink bracelet!
Rapid delivery and no shipping charges
Our studio will send your order within four working days. The exact date of delivery depends on the postal service. Usually delivery takes place within 5-8 working days after we have send your order. And when you order from us, you don’t pay any shipping costs!
Superb quality at low prices
Our name jewellery is all very low priced. Every single piece is beautifully finished and a joy to behold. Browse around and order your baby name charm today!