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Ashes into jewellery of 925 Sterling silver

A silver necklace for ashes is a special memorial jewelry

There are many memorial jewelry for sale. Cremation jewelry - like a necklace for ashes - is an example of this. The pendants for ashes at Names4ever are available in various shapes and versions and made from 14 carat gold or 925 Sterling silver.

The silver pendant for ashes is a popular jewel that is often worn by relatives of a deceased person. The ashes into jewellery in silver are worn on a silver chain and have a small cavity in which a bit of ash from the deceased can be put. In case there is chosen for a funeral instead of cremation, you can put a little bit of ground from the grave into the memorial jewelry. This creates a beautiful piece of jewelry for the wearer with a special charge. You will carry and cherish the necklace for ashes and it will remind you of the deceased loved one.

Next to these necklaces for ashes, we also have medaillons in which you can put a phote of a loved one. You can open the medaillon and then you see this beautiful picture of a loved one.

Wide range of silver necklaces for ashes

There are a lot of possibilities. Which silver pendant for ashes is suitable for you depends on your taste, style, wishes and budget. For every taste and budget, there are suiting jewerly for ashes. This way you have a special and valuable silver piece of jewelry with which you can commemorate the deceased person.

Ashes into jewellery are available in different designs and forms. Think for example of a heart, circle or oval model. Every silver pendant is carefully selected by us and is of good quality. This makes the ashes into jewellery last for years and it will stay beautiful for a long time. View our beautiful collection of silver cremation jewelry and select the locket for ashes that meets your needs. By incorporating the deceased person's ashes, a unique accessory is created that you can cherish and carry with love.

Do you want something else than a pendant for ashes? We also have photo and fingerprint necklaces in which a photo respectively a fingerprint can be engraved on. A more unique piece of jewerly is almost impossible.

Best quality 925 Sterling silver

Our jewelry is made of the best quality 925 Sterling silver. That is why our silver pendants for ashes are firm and do not damage quickly. Silver remains a precious metal, so we advise you to polish the silver cremation jewelry every now and then. We also give you the following tips to keep your silver necklace for ashes beautiful and shiny:

  • Do not wear the necklace during active activities such as doing odd jobs, exercising and cleaning. This way you avoid scratches;
  • do not wear it in full sun if you do not want the pendant to discolour;
  • only put the necklace on when you have finished using perfume and hairspray. These means can cause small scratches.
  • be alert that you take off the pendant for ashes if you use cleaning products or sunscreen. These means can cause small scratches;
  • do not store your silver necklace for ashes in a drawer or box with other small items. Scratches can occur due to the sliding and sanding of objects.

Ashes into jewellery as a special gift

Jewelry made form ashes is not only a wonderful gift for yourself, it also gives your loved ones a great favor. Ashes into jewellery give support to the wearer in the difficult time that comes after the loss of a cherished. The silver pendant for ashes is next to a beautiful piece of jewerly also a tangible reminder to the deceased. It can help with processing the loss. Children can also have a lot of support for this silver locket for ashes. Because of this, they will wear this jewelry with love.

A silver necklace for ashes for every budget

Our webshop has a large collection of urn necklaces. There is a silver necklace for ashes available for every budget. Choose from the different models for women, men and children. You do not want people to immediately see that you are wearing cremation jewelry? Even then we can help you. In our webshop you will find various silver pendants with ashes that are already very beautiful. They are not directly recognized as memorial jewerly. Prefer a golden necklace for ashes? Take a look at this page.

Order your silver necklace for ashes: safe and simple

For everyone and every budget you will find the perfect ashes into jewellery here, whatever your taste and budget may be. Choose from our beautiful collection of silver cremation jewelry. On Names4ever you can place your order easily, quickly and safely. Not only the silver pendants for ashes are of excellent quality; our service is that too. Your order is delivered within 8-10 business days in a beautiful jewelry box.